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Northguard is an acclaimed company and we are both e-mark certified and have a Trustpilot score of 9.6 / 10. We are very proud of our high ranking on Trustpilot because it is our customers who review us here, and to us it is always very important that they are satisfied. The high score shows that we are a credible company with high quality computer programs, with a high degree of customer service, and that we always regard our customers’ security very highly. We offer different programs and services to help you use your digital devices safely and optimally on the Internet. We test and update all our package solutions continuously so that our customers can always get the best possible product that suit their needs. Below you can read about our various packages and how they can benefit you and make your computer run in the best and safest way.


Ultimate protection – The Security

This package offers you pure protection for your private devices. This solution is ideal for those who are technically savvy but at the same time take their internet security very seriously. The security package offers you the ultimate protection that protects you and your personal data from external threats and defends you against viruses, ransomware, and many other types of malware. In addition, one of the benefits of the security package is that the computer’s performance is not affected by the antivirus program. Many antivirus programs slow down the user’s computer and therefore many choose to not install an antivirus program in the fear of rendering their computer unusable. But this is not the case with the security package.

In addition, the Northguard security package offers a two-way Firewall, which means you are extra protected compared to many other antivirus programs. A one-way firewall only protects you from external threats by blocking anything that is not allowed. But one can accidentally easily allow destructive programs or files when downloading something from the web anyway. A two-way firewall, on the other hand, protects you both from outside malware and malware that is already on your computer. This way you benefit from having double protecting with the security package.


The security package also automatically blocks all online registration of your personal information when you use online banking and online trading. The package offers award-winning security, and everything is easy, simple and in Danish or English.

To us, security on a computer is a top priority, and because of this we have tested and compared the security package with other security programs. We have done this because we at Northguard want to deliver the best possible security product to everyone.


Support – PC help

With our offer of PC help, we offer total assistance to you who need help with multiple devices at once. You get unlimited help via our remote-control of your computer, and you can contact us around the clock via email, chat, or phone. We respond as fast as we can, and you can always expect to get a reply within 24 hours. This is quite a high level of service compared to many other support providers. We are always ready with support to help you with your problems and always ready to answer your questions. At Northguard we are known for our very high level of service, and we do everything to guide you in the best way possible – always explained in a way so anyone can understand.

Because of our PC help you never have to sit with all your technical issues and problems all alone. With this solution you (and the rest of your household) just contact our technicians and you can do this completely unlimited within our regular opening hours. Do you have problems with your printer, will your computer not save your documents, or do you have another technical problem or question? With PC help you can always contact us, and we will fix your problems.

We use a recognized and well-tested remote-control program called ConnectWise. In order for our technicians to help you, the remote-control software must be downloaded and installed into your device, but your session will always be encrypted, and you must always give us access to your computer whenever you need our assistance. We have tested and approved the encrypted connection, and it is virtually impossible for any unauthorized persons to follow the session. Moreover, our technicians cannot access your computer as they please, and they are subject to very strict rules for what to do and not to do on your computer. They will of course never access your pictures, folders, or other personal, private or sensitive material during the process without your acceptance. With us you are always in safe and good hands throughout the duration of the process. If our technicians are fixing your problem alone without you on the line, he or she will always call you in the end to say goodbye. This way, you always know when have exited your computer again. We also test our program on an ongoing basis to make sure that everything works as it should.


Antivirus and support – Total security

With this package you get both the antivirus and the PC help bundled together in one package and it offers you protection and unlimited support which offers you peace of mind across the board. With the safety package, you get unlimited help along with ultimate security on your computer to avoid unpleasant difficulties on your device.

The safety package offers unlimited help via remote-control support through your own computer, and you can contact us around the clock via mail chat or by phone. The security is the same award-winning kind as in the security package, and it offers both antispam and antivirus. In addition, the program protects your email and provides you with a two-way firewall that protects you twice as well as many other antivirus programs do.

This solution is for those who want the ultimate protection and would like unlimited help on their household devices.

Northguard is a 100% Danish company with Danish employees, tools, and programs – and we also speak English! This means that our service and protection is done in a language you can understand, and we always do our best to get you the right help from the right people. We serve customers in all age groups, and whether your problem regards the children’s computer games, or the grandparents’ e-mail, we are very happy to help when problems arise. We have tried, as far as possible, to develop services and package solutions that everyone can enjoy. As mentioned, there are already a lot of satisfied customers who have tested and reviewed our products, and we are proud of the often very friendly comments we get along the way.

Please contact us if you have something on your mind. We are both interested in feedback and praise, and if you contact us with a question or a problem, we do everything we can to answer it and solve it. Our customers’ satisfaction is the most important thing to us, and our most noble task is to help our customer base with security and protection of their personal data when they browse the web and conduct activities online.

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