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Northguard scam

Is Northguard a scam?

The short and clear answer is: No – we are not a scam and not a fraudulent company. We have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, and we are happy to speak with and answer questions from anyone who has questions about us.


Our marketing

Our marketing strategy is to be innovative and creative. We regularly draw “gift cards” for one of our IT solutions called Computer Optimization, and we do this most often through sponsored competitions on the internet. In addition, we are often on streets and public markets where everyone can have a chat with our consultants and at the same time book a time for a check of one’s computer.

It is often this strategy about directly engaging with the customers which makes people suspect us to be a scam, partly because we only help via remote support. Of course, we are aware that our approach may seem aggressive to some, but we also believe that direct dialogue with customers is the best way to communicate with people.


Direct contact between you and our IT supporter

When we carry out the computer optimization, we make your computer faster, safer and more user-friendly.

As a customer you will be called up by our IT supporters at an agreed time via the number +45 70202240, after which the supporter introduces himself and guides you through our remote-control program. This is done either by means of a sent link or by the supporter guiding you into our website.

While the computer optimization is in progress, our supporter will give you useful advice and guidance regarding the security of your computer. During the optimization, we also give people free opportunities to ask about anything related to safe browsing on the web etc.

It is strictly illegal for us to collect private information or look into your documents on the computer, and of course we will never do that. Our technicians are subject to a kind of confidentiality or professional secrecy, and unless you have something very illegal on your computer, your data will not be used or discussed further.


The e-mark and Trustpilot

One of our most important pieces of advice for safe online browsing is that you should always be informed. It is a good idea to spend time reading about the various websites you visit and find out which web shops are good to shop from.

In addition, the e-mark organization actively fights e-commerce-related IT fraud. The e-mark is a Danish guarantee for safe and transparent e-commerce. At e-mark they certify the good web shops and fight to raise the general bar and bring everyone onboard. The e-mark is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2000. They gather shops and consumers to strengthen Danish e-commerce for the benefit of us all.

Therefore, always check if the website you visit is e-mark certified. In addition, you can check if a website is a scam by visiting Trustpilot and read the website’s scores and reviews from their users.

Northguard is both the e-mark certified and has a well-deserved Trustpilot score of 9.6 / 10. This shows that we are a trustworthy company that goes a long way to ensure customer satisfaction and that we regard our customers’ security extremely highly.


How we help our customers agains cyber attacks

Many people in general, and many Danes as well, are already critical when browsing along the internet, and it is always important to use your common sense and critical sense when using the internet. However, Danes are in fact some of the worst European people to secure themselves when browsing online. In the year 2019, the Danish government has allocated DKK 35 million to strengthen IT security, and this is something we also wish to contribute to.


At Northguard, we help our customers to be able to use their digital devices safely and optimally on the internet. Through our security programs and services in the manual cleaning of Windows and OS devices, we help many people every day get their computers to run in the best and safest way. Our talented supporters always explain the process to you in a way that is easily understandable, and our team consists of talented employees with many years of experience in IT support and customer service. This means that we always take great care of all our customers.

We want to be your security guarantee that you, as an ordinary citizen, can use your online devices without fear of hackers collecting your personal data and infiltrating you and your privacy. We can offer you peace of mind by manually helping to clean your computer for threats and safeguarding you from future threats online.


Why is it free?

We hope, of course, that you as a customer will have a really good experience of having your computer cleaned. The service you receive for free gives you an insight into our work process and our skills in IT and computers, which means that you will hopefully remember us in the future. You also get the opportunity to purchase more of our services and security once we have completed the computer optimization. If you want further help – for example for your printer, e-mail, software programs, etc., you also have the opportunity to purchase these extra services.

Contact us and let us give you an insight into your computer and its security – explained in a way that anyone can understand.

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